We’ve all seen this; a healthcare worker in a white coat, pockets stuffed with papers. In hand, they have a notebook, handheld calculator, and a variety of dog-eared papers.

Early in my career, I decided to take a clinical supervisory position after serving 15+ years as a traveling executive for a healthcare company. Though I had been a licensed pharmacist for 25+ years, I had not “practiced pharmacy” in a long time. One of my colleagues at the time jokingly referred to me as “clinically dead”.

Pharmacy practice had seen many changes in my 15-year “absence”. When I left, hospital pharmacists were consigned to one room together, typically in the basement somewhere. But now, I was observing a highly diversified and far more clinically evolved practice. Pharmacists were out on the floor with nurses and the dispensing function was being integrated more fully with direct patient care.

My biggest concern was that I had no idea what reference information was in the pockets of all those white coats for which I had the responsibility to supervise. I felt that I had no control over the information my staff was using in the clinical decision making process.

I asked each of my staff to give me a copy of what there where using as a reference and/or tool in their decision-making process. Once they were gathered, we complied those papers and put them on the web for ease of access. We added search terms to make it even easier to find the information and RxDOCUMENT™ was born. Actually, it was the birth of RxTOOLKIT® itself, as that was our very first app.

RxDOCUMENT™ provided an easy to access standardized internal reference library and eventually grew to hold slide presentations, in-service materials, policies, procedures, and best practice recommendations.

RxDOCUMENT™ was our first application and is still one of our most popular!

Of course, now days, your staff could be using a digital notepad full of links. But whatever method they use, what really matters is taking control, and getting everyone on the same page. RxDOCUMENT™ can help you to establish your standardized reference library and provide a strong foundation for your staff’s clinical decision-making process.

For more information about RxDOCUMENT™ please contact us or visit RxTOOLKIT.com.

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