RxTOOLKIT.com started as an idea to assist my fellow pharmacists in managing the large amounts of information necessary to keep up to date. I observed pharmacists carrying binders, index cards, note pads; almost anything to store the information they needed to effectively do their job. RxTOOLKIT has continued to grow and we now offer many custom applications that increase both patient and provider safety. Check us out: RxTOOLKIT.com.

I have since met other pharmacists who have built applications online that solved a problem, improved patient safety, and/or improved pharmacists efficiency. I would like to increase the exposure of those entrepreneurs out there and find other “unknown” healthcare entrepreneurs who have similar ideas. For those of us who have been lucky enough to find them they provide indispensable resources.

Two that I want to mention are:

Sean P. Kane is a clinical pharmacist specializing in critical care with a background in information technology and web application development. He received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has been involved in IT since the late 1990’s. His website is: ClinCalc.com

LatexDrugs was created in early 2003 because there wasn’t an efficient way to investigate pharmaceutical latex content and the incidence of latex allergic patients. 2RPh, founded by pharmacists Aaron Blevins and Robert Nelson, is the company that owns and operates LatexDrugs.com and is located in the Huntington, WV area. They are a small company that focuses on developing great products and resources that will benefit the pharmacy profession. LatexDrugs and its database continues to be operated and maintained by institutional pharmacists including Aaron and Rob. Their website is: LatexDrugs.com

If you are an entrepreneur, know of one, or want to be one, let us know. Respond to this post and we can open up a dialog on your idea, your product, and how we can tell others about it.

Check out our Resources page for a frequently updated (and growing) list of helpful links.

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