RxTOOLKIT provides clinically proven custom tools for today’s hospital pharmacy: We establish a safety net for both patients and providers and put information and organization at your fingertips.

Our Mission:
To improve medication safety through the specialized and innovative development of clinical applications.


RxTOOLKIT provides diverse applications that support clinical excellence in all aspects of pharmacy practice, are cost effective, and easy to implement. We partner with our clients to develop custom solutions that go to work for your organization.

  • Centralized customizable dashboard
  • HIPAA compliant / secure environment
  • Integration with Siemens and Epic
  • Complete customization available for all applications
  • Manager Level access to restricted content/permissions
  • User training and 24 hour technical support

RxTOOLKIT delivers Dosing Solutions for High-Risk Patients or Drugs, Complex Drug Therapy Solutions, Pharmacy Labeling Solutions, and Information & Communication Solutions.


Please visit RxTOOLKIT.com or contact us for more information.





Seamlessly connecting pharmacy to essential team members through RxTOOLKIT lowers the potential for human error increasing safety for both your patients and your staff.

Increasing the accuracy of medication management and avoiding harmful errors can actually lower the cost of healthcare at your institution.


RxTOOLKIT provides information solutions for high-pressure critical patient care situations improving pharmacy workflow and communication between key staff members.

We connect essential team members to vital information and to one another in a secure environment. Our applications are searchable and easy to navigate.


Streamlining and automating procedures will increase your staff’s efficiency and confidence and decrease the potential for error.

RxTOOLKIT’s custom applications provide accessible, intuitive, and easy to use interfaces.

Please visit RxTOOLKIT.com or contact us for more information.